We are the Society of the War of 1812 of the State of Minnesota. What does the War of 1812 have to do with Minnesota? 

Defining Minnesota.

The aftermath of the war set our future relationship with Europe and Canada. It also opened the country to expansion, creating friction with Native Americans and questions on the westward spread of slavery.

Often called the second war of American independence, the War of 1812 asserted our sovereignty on the high seas and on our borders, led to a permanent navy, and gave us the Star Spangled Banner.

No battles were fought in Minnesota, but the treaties that ended the war finalized and demilitarized the border with Canada, resulting in two centuries of peace and prosperity with our neighbor.

Setting the stage.

Defining the country.

See Alan Taylor, author of the Civil War of 1812, at the Minnesota History Center on June 7th, 2014!
The MN History Center will host an exhibit on the War of 1812 from June 3rd to September 14, 2014.